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Coast Guard Cyber on Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Oct. 5, 2023

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, focusing on the importance of cybersecurity. Increased awareness empowers defenders to strengthen their cybersecurity stance. Coast Guard Cyber Command has partnered with numerous other federal agencies and U.S. Allies to defend our nation's cyber space and create meaningful resources and messaging to increase cyber awareness. These partnerships and coordinated efforts are vital to the fight against malicious cyber activity.

CGCYBER annually publishes the Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment (CTIME) report, highlighting cyber trends in the Maritime Transportation Industry. This report equips stakeholders with insights to fortify their networks.  

Given recent trends observed through CGCYBER's operations, organizations within the maritime environment are advised to adopt fundamental cyber hygiene practices like multi-factor authentication, strong password policies, and patch management. Cyber criminals and advanced persistent threats continually target the maritime environment, emphasizing the need for a collective and united defense.  As technology evolves in the maritime environment, new attack vectors emerge. Timely information sharing is pivotal to raise awareness of cybersecurity trends and developments, enabling defenders to protect against them.

Cybersecurity awareness is a collaborative effort aimed at increasing knowledge on beneficial cybersecurity practices, understanding of cyber threats, and empowering users to enhance their security.

CISA Central publishes multiple articles on helpful cybersecurity practices, such as: Cyber Essentials | CISA

The CTIME report can be found at: 2022 Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment (CTIME) Report (

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