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Press Release | March 8, 2023

MULTIMEDIA RELEASE: Coast Guard Commandant delivers her first State of the Coast Guard Address

WASHINGTON — Admiral Linda L. Fagan, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, delivered her first State of the Coast Guard Address, Tuesday at the Reserve Organization of America in Washington, DC.

During the address, the Commandant thanked Congress and the American public for investments in operational assets, resilient shore infrastructure, as well as investments in housing, healthcare, and childcare for the Coast Guard workforce and their families.

"We must adapt to remain an employer of choice,” said Fagan. “I am proud to announce a Talent Management Transformation Task Force, a new team that will build the agile and integrated human resources structure we need to manage our workforce more creatively.”

Continuing investments in the future of the Coast Guard, Adm. Fagan announced a new marketing campaign and recruiting logo to help build awareness of the Coast Guard brand and recruit critical talent for the service.

“As an operational component within the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard is committed to the Secretary’s priorities, including maritime border security, crisis response leadership, and cybersecurity protection of critical infrastructure,” said Fagan.

New technologies, including offshore wind turbines and increased commercial space operations, along with threats to cyberspace, increase the demand for Coast Guard operations throughout the complex Marine Transportation System, which moves more than 90% of the nation’s imports and exports.

To combat these threats, Adm. Fagan announced the creation of the Coast Guard’s third Cyber Protection Team, which will utilize members of the new Cyber Mission Specialist enlisted rating. This enhanced cyber capability will work proactively with government and industry partners to protect America’s ports from cyber threats.

“Everywhere the United States has maritime interests, we protect, we defend, we save,” said Fagan. “I am excited to lead the Coast Guard into the future.”

View her full remarks and the recorded address at USCG Commandant's Home Page and on U.S. Coast Guard - YouTube. See the new Coast Guard recruiting campaign and logo here.