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Press Release | July 8, 2024

Coast Guard responds to impacts of Hurricane Beryl

Coast Guard PADET Texas - Office: (281) 464-4810 / After Hours: (832) 293-1293

HOUSTON — In response to the impacts of Hurricane Beryl across Eastern Texas, United States Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston has established a Unified Command. 

The Coast Guard, alongside federal, state, and local partners, is prioritizing the safety of life, protection of the environment, and reconstitution of maritime commerce. The Coast Guard will continue to deliver the life-saving support required in hurricane-stricken areas and has already begun assessing impacts to the marine transportation system to support the reopening of ports and waterways safely and efficiently. 

Hurricane Beryl produced heavy rain and caused widespread debris, downed trees, and flooding. The Coast Guard urges the public to follow directions from state and local emergency managers. If you encounter flooded or dangerous roadways, turn around, seek an alternate route, and get to higher ground. 

The Coast Guard urges the public to dial 911 if in distress or call out on Marine VHF Channel 16 if on the water to request assistance. Social media should not be used to report life-threatening distress due to limited resources to monitor the dozens of social media platforms during a hurricane or large-scale rescue event.  

Port Condition changes by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port will be announced through the Coast Guard’s Homeport website and posted to official Coast Guard social media pages. 

“The Unified Command’s priorities are to protect life, restore the critical flow of maritime commerce on our waterways, and to mitigate damage to the environment.” said Capt. Keith Donohue, commander, U.S. Sector Houston-Galveston. “While the Coast Guard and our partners restore our waterways, we encourage the public to stay off the water unless directly involved in the response.”  

The Unified Command is comprised of: 

·        U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston 

·        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

·        Environmental Protection Agency 

·        Texas Railroad Commission 

·        Texas General Land Office 

·        Texas Commission of Environmental Quality    

For media inquiries, please contact Coast Guard Public Affairs at:; 832-293-1293

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