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Press Release | March 11, 2024

Coast Guard recovers man deceased while interagency search for 1 other continues off the Condado beach area San Juan, Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Coast Guard air and surface units recovered an unresponsive man from the water, Sunday, and continue to search alongside interagency partners for one other man who remains missing off the Condado Beach area in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Monday.

Recovered deceased is Charles Victor Daniel, 20, from Moline, Illinois. Still missing is Staff Sgt. Fidel Cruz Llanos, 34, member of the Puerto Rico National Guard, who reportedly dove into the water to assist the man in distress. Bystanders reported that Cruz Llanos was last seen, approximately 80 yards from shore, going under and not resurfacing.

Sector San Juan watchstanders received an initial report via a 911 Emergency operator of a person in the water overtaken by the currents just off “Parque La Ventana al Mar” in Condado. The reporting source stated that the man was approximately100 yards from shore calling out for help.

Watchstanders directed the launch of a Boat Station San Juan 33-foot Special Purpose Craft and directed the launch of a Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Borinquen to search.  They also issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast and notified Puerto Rico Police Joint Forces of Rapid Action and San Juan Maritime Municipal Police of the ongoing distress. Once on scene, the Coast Guard boat crew navigated inside the Condado reef line, while the Coast Guard helicopter arrived on-scene and located an unresponsive man floating face down in the water. The Coast Guard marine unit approached the position, recovered the unresponsive man from the water and transported him to Coast Guard Base San Juan, where they were assisted by local Emergency Medical Service personnel.  Afterwards, Coast Guard watchstanders received a communication from San Juan Emergency Management personnel relaying the report from bystanders of Cruz Llanos missing.

Agencies and units participating in the search:

  • MH-60T Jayhawk helicopters from Air Station Borinquen
  • 33-foot Special Purpose Craft- Law Enforcement from Station San Juan
  • San Juan Office of Emergency Management
  • Puerto Rico Emergency Management Bureau
  • Puerto Rico National Guard
  • Puerto Rico Joint Forces of Rapid Action
  • Puerto Rico Emergency Medical Services

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