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Press Release | Feb. 20, 2024

Coast Guard, partner agencies respond to oil spill in Charleston

PADET Jacksonville - Office: (904) 714-7606 / After Hours: (786) 393-4138

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Coast Guard Sector Charleston and partner agencies concluded pollution response efforts for an oil product found in a water drain in Charleston, Feb 12.

Pollution response efforts have concluded with no evidence of additional oil for future potential discharge, recoverable product, or threat to the marine environment.

On Feb 8, Sector Charleston’s Incident Management Division, in coordination with the Charleston County Emergency Management Department and Charleston City Water Management Department, received a report of oil in a storm drain near a Chevron facility in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Boom was deployed and 5,000 gallons of oily water mixture were removed by vacuuming the drainpipe.

“This response serves as an example of the collaborative efforts between the local industry, Coast Guard, and partner agencies to address illegal discharges, thereby reducing the impact on the crucial Lowcountry waterways,” said Lt. Michael Allen, Sector Charleston Incident Management Division Chief. “It is essential to recognize that illegally dumping toxic products harms our environment and violates regulations designed to protect our natural resources and public health.”

To report an oil spill or chemical spill, contact the National Response Center at 800-424-8802

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