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Press Release | Jan. 25, 2024

Coast Guard Station Kenosha rescues dog from icy waters

MILWAUKEE – Members of Coast Guard Station Kenosha rescued a dog from the icy waters near the Great Lakes Yacht Club in Kenosha Harbor, Wisconsin, today.

Today, at approximately 1:40 p.m., Petty Officer Liam Bartram of Coast Guard Station Kenosha saw a dog fall off the pier near the Great Lakes Yacht Club in Kenosha Harbor. Sounding the alarm, Station Kenosha’s ice rescue team immediately donned their personal protective equipment and assembled their ice rescue gear while Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Skala, Station Kenosha’s Officer-in-Charge, and Petty Officer Andrew Brewster rushed over to the pier.

Maneuvering their way down to the lowest portion to the pier, Senior Chief Petty Officer Skala and Petty Officer Brewster attempted to call the dog closer to the pier. “She was struggling to swim between the ice floes in the harbor and couldn’t climb onto any of them” stated Senior Chief Petty Officer Skala. “She was in the water about 15 minutes before she was able to make it close enough for us to grab her.” Leaning over the edge and stretching out as far as possible with Petty Officer Brewster anchoring his legs to the pier, Senior Chief Skala pulled the dog safely out of the ice-filled water and onto the pier.

The ice rescue team quickly wrapped the dog in a wool warming blanket and checked for injuries before transporting her back to Station Kenosha.

The dog was taken to the Kenosha Humane Society, where she was cared for and then released to Station personnel. Anyone who believes this is their dog, should contact Station Kenosha at (262) 657-4620.