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Press Release | Jan. 24, 2024

Coast Guard responds to grounded vessels on Maui

HONOLULU - The Coast Guard has concluded its response to two separate incidents involving grounded vessels on the coast of Maui.

Both vessels that grounded along the coast of Maui earlier this month have been stabilized and pollution removal operations have concluded.

The 52-foot Slovakian sailing vessel Altego II ran aground near the entrance to Lahaina Harbor on Jan. 8, with eight people on board. All persons were safely rescued by good Samaritans. The vessel sustained hull damage and began leaking fuel.

The vessel owner was able to remove approximately 75 gallons of fuel prior to relinquishing pollution removal actions to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) worked diligently with the vessel owner and a contracted spill response organization to mitigate the remaining fuel.

Sorbents were deployed to collect spilled fuel, and patches were applied to the hull. Despite challenges posed by inclement weather, pollution removal operations have been successfully completed.

Approximately 65 gallons of oily water waste were removed by the Coast Guard contracted organization.  The Coast Guard has notified Hawaii Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) that the federal response is complete. DOBOR is in contact with the owner regarding salvage plans.

The 85-foot motor vessel Chaparral ran aground on Sugar Beach, Maui on Jan. 9. No one was on board at the time. The vessel sustained a hull breach, resulting in a discharge of oil.

The Coast Guard FOSC issued an administrative order to the vessel owner to take action to remove pollutants. However, the owner was unable to do so, and a Notice of Federal Assumption was issued. Over 6,800 gallons of oily waste and 14 – 55-gallon drums of soiled sorbents were removed. With the pollution removal operations concluded, the Coast Guard has transferred control of the vessel to DOBOR.