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Press Release | Jan. 23, 2024

Coast Guard rescues 9 from ice floe on Lake Erie

CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard rescued nine people from an ice floe on Lake Erie, near Catawba Island, Monday.

At 10:21 a.m., Coast Guard and local authorities responded to an initial report of more than 20 people on an ice floe a half mile off shore near Catawba Island, Ohio.

Coast Guard crews from Station Marblehead and Air Station Detroit responded in conjunction with the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and Ottowa County Sheriff’s Office.

The Coast Guard rescued nine people and four people were rescued by the Put-in-Bay Fire Department. Seven people were able to self-rescue via their own airboat. A total of 20 people were rescued from the ice floe.

“We are committed to public safety and want to remind everyone the importance of exercising caution around ice formations,” said Lt. Adeeb Ahmad, Sector Detroit Public Affairs Officer. “Ice floes are unpredictable and can quickly become hazardous, particularly in windy conditions or strong currents. Always check local ice conditions before venturing out and be prepared for any emergencies. Your safety is our top priority.”

For more information, contact Lt. Adeeb Ahmad, Sector Detroit Public Affairs Officer, at (313) 568-9473 or email