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Press Release | Dec. 5, 2023

UPDATE 4: Unified Command monitors, responds to Gulf oil incident

U.S. Coast Guard Heartland Office: 504-671-2020 Cell: 618-225-9008

NEW ORLEANS — The Unified Command continues to monitor and respond to an oil discharge near the Main Pass Oil Gathering (MPOG) company's pipeline system, known as the MPOG 11015 incident, near Plaquemines Parish, southeast of New Orleans.

The cause and source of the incident remain under investigation. The entire length of the main pipeline has been assessed to date, along with 22.16 miles of surrounding pipelines with no damage or indications of a leak identified. Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and divers continue to reassess the main pipeline and surrounding pipelines as a sustained effort to locate the source of the suspected release.

Daily overflights conducted since Friday have observed a light unrecoverable sheen near the western portion of the response area. The reported sheen is being investigated and has not been confirmed to be associated with the November 16 observed initial discharge.

The Unified Command continues to coordinate with federal, state and local agencies to ensure the safety of the public, protection of the environment and response to the incident. The Coast Guard continues to oversee coordinated efforts to mitigate impacts from the spill.

The main pipeline and several surrounding lines remain shut in and have not been put back into service.

No volunteers are needed at this time.

A claims phone line has been established at 228-273-2400. To report oiled wildlife in the area, call the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at 337-735-8677.

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