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Press Release | Nov. 1, 2023

Coast Guard Academy recognizes Dr. James Chao with newly established award

Coast Guard Academy

NEW LONDON, Conn. - The U.S. Coast Guard Academy recently recognized Dr. James Chao as the first recipient of the newly established Scientæ Cedit Mare Award. Scientæ Cedit Mare is the motto of the Academy, and the latin phrase translates to “the sea yields to knowledge” which reflects the importance of knowledge and education in mastering the challenges of the sea.  

Dr. Chao received the award here on Oct. 27th, prior to a regimental review of the Corps of Cadets where he served as Reviewing Official and after a visit to the USCG Barque Eagle. He was presented the award for his commitment to the Academy’s mission of preparing young women and men to be the future leaders of the U.S. Coast Guard. 

Chao is the founder & Honorary Chair of Foremost Group, an American shipping company headquartered in New York.  In 2008, he was recognized as an Outstanding American by Choice by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency in the Department of Homeland Security.  He was accompanied by his daughters, the Honorable Elaine Chao, 24th U. S. Secretary of Labor and 18th U. S. Secretary of Transportation and the first Asian Pacific American woman ever to serve in a presidential cabinet; The Honorable May Chao, former Chair and Executive Director of the New York State Consumer Protection Board; and Angela Chao, Chair and CEO of Foremost Group.   

“For decades, Dr. James S. C. Chao has led the way in environmental stewardship, safety and training on the seas. His personal story is the embodiment of the American dream and the U. S. Coast Guard Academy was honored to salute him as the Reviewing Official at the Regimental Review,” Rear Admiral Michael J. Johnston, Superintendent of the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. 

Previous reviewing officials in the fall semester have included the Secretary of the Navy, the Attorney General of Connecticut, and Gold Star families.