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Press Release | Oct. 6, 2023

Port Security Unit 313 conducts joint training with King County Metro

SEATTLE — U.S. Coast Guard Port Security Unit 313 partnered with King County Metro Transit in Elliot Bay last month to perform an innovative joint training exercise that involved the MV Sally Fox, a 104-foot passenger-only ferry operated by King County Water Taxi.

Protecting a High Value Asset (HVA) is one of many critical operational capabilities of a Port Security Unit (PSU).

PSU waterside security division crews often train with the unit's 32-foot Transportable Port Security Boats to simulate an HVA to rehearse protective maneuvers against threats made by a non-compliant vessel. However, integrating a ship like the MV Sally Fox facilitated the construction of scenarios that enhanced the realism of the training experience.

Joint training exercises provide unmatched training value as the Port Security mission set evolves to include less conventional tasking alongside new partners in unfamiliar environments.

Before the commencement of the evolution, Deputy General Manager of King County Metro Transit Ernest Kandilige and Port Captain Chad Wiesenfeld met with Cmdr. Sean Carothers, commanding officer of PSU 313, to discuss the significance of the training and future joint training opportunities.

Port Security Units are deployable specialized forces that are utilized for expeditionary operations. PSUs provide land and waterborne security for shipping lanes and critical port facilities in support of the United States, along with humanitarian operations.

PSU 313 was commissioned on Dec 12th, 1998, at the Naval Reserve Center Tacoma and is currently located at Naval Station Everett. It is one of eight PSUs, and like its counterparts, it is comprised primarily of reservists with a few full-time active-duty staff members.

King County was recently awarded the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award in a ceremony at the Pentagon for their outstanding support of employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.

For further information about opportunities for involvement with PSU 313 or King County, please contact Ensign Chris Cappelletti at (425) 304-5858.