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Press Release | Sept. 21, 2023

Coast Guard sets port condition Yankee for Port of Baltimore

BALTIMORE — The Captain of the Port for Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region set port condition Yankee at 10 p.m. Thursday in anticipation of expected gale-force winds within 24 hours due to Tropical Storm 16. 

Currently, the port remains open. However, Coast Guard Sector Maryland-NCR is expecting to shift to a modified port condition Zulu, ceasing all vessel movements on the Chesapeake Bay south of the Bay Bridge, at 10 p.m. Friday.

This restriction is expected to be lifted after the storm and gale-force winds subside.

The Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Eastern Shore, and coastal areas are expected to experience storm and gale force winds, heavy seas, storm surge, and tidal flooding as this system moves through our area. 

Sector Maryland-NCR is coordinating closely with Coast Guard Sector Virginia and will continue to publicize any changes that affect traffic entering or transiting the Chesapeake Bay. 

Mariners, waterfront facilities, and shipping agencies are urged to take necessary preparations to mitigate any potential effects from Tropical Cyclone 16 by consulting their heavy weather plans and checklists.

Mariners should consider altering plans to avoid possible hazardous conditions. Remain in port, seek safe harbor, alter course, and secure the vessel for severe wind and waves. 

Mariners are advised to monitor tropical storm activity on the National Hurricane Center website, as well as available national, local, and weather media outlets. 

More weather information on Tropical Cyclone 16 progress can be found at

Questions regarding Baltimore's port condition should be directed to the Coast Guard Sector Maryland-NCR Waterways Management staff at 410-576-2595 or 2519, or via email at