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Press Release | Aug. 1, 2023

Coast Guard Academy Unveils New Athletics Logos

Coast Guard Academy

NEW LONDON, Conn., – The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is proud to unveil a new brand identity for all intercollegiate athletic programs inspired by two core elements, the Coast Guard racing stripe and the bear.  “The goal of this project was to refresh our marks in a way that strengthens our alignment with the operational Coast Guard and pays homage to the rich traditions of our service,” said Dr. Dan Rose, CGA Director of Athletics. 


The racing stripe is the global identifier of the Coast Guard, connecting anyone associated with the branch.  The iconic stripe is present on all Coast Guard assets ranging from patrol boats and cutters to helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  This distinct feature is embedded within the core brand marks and uniform striping in order to build an immediate connection between the athletic department and the United States Coast Guard. 


The bear element of the identity is inspired by the Alaskan Kodiak - the most rare yet physically large North American bear – native to Kodiak Island, Alaska.  This persona is the ideal metaphor of the Coast Guard’s small yet mighty presence within the U.S. Military system.  The bear pays tribute to the Revenue Cutter Bear, which served in both World Wars, and became the first American law enforcement presence in newly purchased Alaska.  Utilizing an Alaskan Kodiak for an Academy based in New England is intentional to represent the global reach of the entire branch.  The bear is shown charging and strong, inspired by the Coast Guard spirit of facing all missions head-on.


During the year-long creative timeline a wide range of Academy stakeholders were engaged in a collaborative process guided by Skye Design Studios, a national leader in sport branding.  “I would like to thank everyone involved with this project,” Rose said. “Skye Dillon was truly outstanding as a creative partner.  His team sought to understand our proud organization and captured the essence of what makes our service so special.  I would also like to thank our Director of External Operations, Jen Meuse, Coach JB Wells, and our Sports Information team Franchesca Carrera and Ari West for taking on this significant reimagination of our brand identity.”


A new athletic website will also debut on 01 August establishing a new partnership with SIDEARM sports, the national leader in collegiate athletic websites.