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Press Release | July 21, 2023

Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) Seattle 91101 to conduct waterborne missions in vicinity of Kodiak, Alaska

D17 Public Affairs

Kodiak, Alaska   –  

KODIAK, Alaska — The Coast Guard is scheduled to conduct waterborne operations in the Kodiak vicinity throughout July and August as Sector Anchorage augments its capabilities with small boat teams from Maritime Safety and Security Team Seattle (MSST) 91101.

MSST 91101, utilizing two 29-foot response boat crews, will patrol harbors, fishing grounds, and trafficked waterways including areas with significant traffic convergence to enforce living marine resources (LMR) regulations on domestic, commercial, recreational, and charter fishing vessels.

“Primary goals for this mission include search and rescue, recreational and commercial vessel safety, and protection of Alaska’s living marine resources,” said Lt. Karl Gunther, Sector Anchorage enforcement chief. “Teams will maintain a regular presence on the water and conduct routine boardings at sea to inspect a vessel’s catch, gear, and other items to ensure regulatory compliance as well as safety.”

Mariners are advised to research the federally mandated safety and fishery requirements for their vessels prior to conducting operations in the Gulf of Alaska and to prepare for the highly likely occurrence that a Coast Guard boarding team inspects their vessel for compliance.

Coast Guard boarding teams have the authority to (at any time) go aboard any vessel operating under the jurisdiction of the United States, and address inquiries to those on board, examine the ship's documents and papers, and examine, inspect, and search the vessel as outlined in 14 USC 522.