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Press Release | June 22, 2023

Coast Guard crew services navigation buoys off Oahu

HONOLULU - The Coast Guard Cutter Juniper crew visited Kaneohe Bay on the east side of the Island of Oahu, as part of a multi-day operation to service and maintain aids to navigation, last week.

Juniper’s trip to Kaneohe Bay focused on repairing day boards, or stationary aids to navigation that mark channels and safe water, utilizing the cutter’s two small boats to service seven fixed aids to navigation in two days.

Juniper also serviced two floating aids to navigation inside Kaneohe Bay and joined forces with the Regional Dive Locker Pacific to service three floating aids at the entrance to the bay. The dive locker operated off the cutter’s small boat to inspect and replace parts of the buoys.

“The crew works hard to maintain the constellation of aids to navigation within the main Hawaiian Islands and in the greater Pacific region,” said Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Bonner, the Juniper’s commanding officer. “These operations are critical to ensuring the integrity of commercial supply chains, recreational boater safety, and the safe passage of government and military vessels.”

The Juniper is a 225-foot seagoing buoy tender home-ported in Honolulu and is responsible for maintaining aids to navigation, performing maritime law enforcement, port and coast security, search and rescue and environmental protection.