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Press Release | May 9, 2023

Availability of preliminary public notice: Islais Creek

SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. Coast Guard is soliciting public comments on a proposal by the City of San Francisco, Department of Public Works, to convert the existing Islais Creek, mile 0.4, bascule (movable) bridge to a fixed bridge.

Mariners and other interested parties are requested to comment on the proposed bridge modification project.  Interested parties are requested to express their views in writing.  Comments will be received for the record at the address given in Preliminary Public Notice (11-161) through June 8, 2023. 

The reason for this proposal is because the drawbridge has not opened for marine traffic in 16 years.

A Coast Guard Bridge Permit application has not yet been submitted but would be required for this project. Comments received will determine whether or not the Coast Guard will preliminarily support converting the drawbridge to a fixed bridge.

Waterway and location: Islais Creek, mile 0.4, at the City of San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. (37.747382, -122.387335)

Preliminary Public Notice (11-161), dated May 9, 2023, contains a description of the proposed bridge modification project including maps and bridge drawings detailing the most restrictive navigational clearance. Interested parties may access Active Public Notices for Bridge Projects for the Eleventh Coast Guard District at the following website:

The public notice may also be obtained by calling the Eleventh Coast Guard District Bridge Office at (510) 437-3516; by writing to Commander (dpw), Eleventh Coast Guard District, Coast Guard Island, Bldg 50-2, Alameda, CA 94501-5100; by email request at or by facsimile request at (510) 437-5836.