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Press Release | April 14, 2023

Mexico, U.S. Coast Guard seek information on missing sailors

U.S. Coast Guard District 11

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The Mexican Navy, with the assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard, is searching for three American sailors, last heard from April 4, near Mazatlán, Mexico.

Three persons aboard the sailing vessel Ocean Bound, a 44-foot La Fitte, reportedly left Mazatlán en route to San Diego. The sailors planned to stop in Cabo San Lucas on April 6 for provisions and to report in before continuing on to San Diego.

However, there was no record of them arriving in Cabo San Lucas or a report in of their location.

Search and rescue coordinators have contacted marinas throughout Baja, Mexico, with negative sightings of the vessel. Urgent marine information broadcasts have been issued over VHF radio requesting all mariners to keep a lookout for the missing persons and vessel.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Kerry O’Brien, Frank O’Brien, and William Gross or the sailing vessel Ocean Bound please contact the U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue coordination center at 510-437-3701.

Check social media for updates or Twitter @USCGNorCal