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Press Release | March 30, 2023

Coast Guard provides oversight for remaining response operations following the release of hazardous material near Bristol, Pennsylvania

A Coast Guard boat crew transports Tetra Tech contractors working with the EPA, to a site in the Delaware River for water sample collection March 28, 2023. All samples will be sent to a lab for testing. The Coast Guard will continue to provide oversight for cleanup operations.


BRISTOL, Pa. — Coast Guard personnel from Sector Delaware Bay continue to provide oversight alongside Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for remaining clean-up operations Thursday following the release of a latex finishing material Friday night due to a mechanical failure at the Trinseo facility in Bristol.

An estimated 8,100 gallons of latex finishing material, a water-soluble acrylic polymer solution, was released with a max potential release of 12,000 gallons. The material is reported to be composed of approximately 50% water and the remaining of latex polymer. 

Clean-up primarily focused on removal of product from the storm drain system and outflow located on Mill Creek. In total, 120,000 gallons of contaminated water was collected.

Coast Guard boat crews assisted in transporting contractors working with the Environmental Protection Agency to nine sites along the Delaware River, a span of 12 miles upstream and downstream, to collect 26 water samples for testing. All samples collected yielded a non-detect result. Local water authorities have deemed the water safe to drink and are issuing no further advisories.

The Coast Guard will continue oversight of clean-up efforts at the outfall on Trinseo and DOW Chemical facilities in partnership with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The storm water outfall remains secured and risk of a further release has been mitigated.

The response was conducted in close coordination with local and federal agencies including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

“The Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety of our waterways,” said Lt. Cmdr Kevin Higgins, Sector Delaware Bay Chief, incident management division, “We appreciate the continued support of our port partners and responders as we work to mitigate any threats to the environment."

For more information contact District 5 Public Affairs at (757) 295-8435. Additional Inquiries can be made to