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Press Release | March 1, 2023

Statement for death of Haitian migrant on Coast Guard cutter

"A Haitian migrant died aboard a Coast Guard cutter operating off the coast of Miami, Wednesday morning. The crew aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Nathan Bruckenthal attempted to resuscitate the ​40-year-old female after she was found unresponsive. The woman was medically evacuated by the Miami-Dade Fire Department after efforts to conduct CPR and AED procedures failed to revive her. The woman was transferred ashore for further transport to a nearby hospital. The deceased was interdicted with 53 others on ​Feb. 27, 2023, approximately 2 miles off Lake Worth Inlet. The woman did not have family members aboard and notification to next of kin is being coordinated through official channels. The Coast Guard is convening a standard administrative investigation into the matter." ​- Coast Guard District Seven ​